Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Indie Bookstores Participating with Google eBooks DON'T AS YET KNOW What Percentage of Sales $ They Will Get to Keep

So says Michael Tucker, president of the American Booksellers Association in Tarrytown, NY. CSMonitor: "About 220 ABA member stores are already selling Google eBooks through the ABA’s IndieCommerce website, and many more are expected to join, says Tucker. A list of participating ABA member stores that have opted in to sell Google eBooks online can be found here. It’s not yet clear how Google will share eBook revenues with independent sellers. Most book sales involve a 70-30 split, with publishers getting 70 percent of revenues and sellers 30 percent. Google will take a percentage of that 30 percent share, says Tucker, though it’s not yet known how much. 'It will be very reasonable,' he says."