Friday, January 21, 2011

New York Times Paywall Latest

Mashable: "Bloomberg's source claims that subscribers to the print version of NYT will get full access to the online service as well. Furthermore, president of the New York Times Scott Heekin-Canedy said last month that the price for access to the web edition would be comparable to the Kindle subscription, which probably means it will be just a tad lower than $20 a month. The paywall, which was scheduled to go up this January, is a reversed approach from what NYT was doing so far: right now, it charges for archived and editorial content while the new content is free. With the paywall up, a set number of articles will remain free each month for non-subscribers, but anything over that number will require a monthly subscription. ... "

I'd love to see the p&l assumptions for this, especially the Times's forecasted sign-up and retention rates. And I wonder whether the edition behind the paywall will be ad-free. Probably not. Should be interesting to watch. Bear in mind that the Times's previous attempt to charge for "premium content" (aka, Maureen Dowd, for those who consider her ramblings readable) was an incredible flop.