Sunday, January 16, 2011

Want a Successful iPad App? Impress the Reader, Not Yourself

Matt Kinsman @ FolioMag: "Long downloads and rich media that serves no purpose are holding us back. ... With the flood of magazine apps hitting the market and many titles seeing downloads drop after the initial splash, publishers are looking at ways of standing out both to readers and advertisers. iPad-only editions are gaining traction, such as Bonnier's launch of Parenting Seasons but user experience (quick downloads, easy navigation) remains the key. As publishers we can thump our chest about Apple's strong-arm tactics and the lack of a workable digital newsstand, but the fact is long downloads and an emphasis on the one-time 'wow-factor' (as well as treating the iPad like a closed environment, similar to a print magazine) rather than giving readers reasons to come back are even more dangerous. ... "