Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Apple's Sony app rejection poses serious questions

eBook Magazine:

... It’s a brave man who second guesses Apple but I can’t see them suddenly pulling the rug from under the likes of Kindle – the PR fallout would be disastrous for them.

On the other hand, if Apple were to move to make iBooks the only/default ebook app now’s probably the best time to do it. The iPad has sold fantastically well but its successor – now probably only weeks away from launch – is likely to sell even better.

Cutting third party ebook stores adrift before a new wave of iPad owners take delivery of their devices compartmentalizes the fall out.

As is always the case when Apple extends the higher of the wall around its garden, some speculate about legal action any disgruntled third parties might take.

The problem here is that the biggest potential loser if Apple were to kick ot third party ebook apps is Kindle, yet could Amazon really ask any court to rule against a closed, single retailer ebook platform without creating an instant case for opening up the Kindle to other retailers? ...