Monday, February 14, 2011

Borders demise signals end for chain bookstores

Retail Gazette (UK):
High street book shops are becoming increasingly rare, with many of the biggest names in the sector pushed into oblivion by buying online and the increasing popularity of reading devices such as the Amazon Kindle and the Apple iPad. ...

Just over a year ago Borders closed the doors of all of its UK stores, marking the start of a disastrous down-turn for the industry.
The next to go was British Bookshops which announced its move into administration in January, and more recently Waterstones closed of 11 stores in the UK and Ireland following disappointing December sales trading.
So the question is whether there is still space for a large chain bookstore on high streets around the world?
Consulting Director of Verdict Research Neil Saunders argures that because bookstores require an extensive amount of space in order to offer a wide selection of books, a combination of low sales and high rents can be lethal. ...