Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Asus "Kindle-Killer" (Tee-Hee) Eee Tablet Delayed to Q1 2011

TomsGuide: "Although Asus is currently working on its line of Eee Pads featuring Windows 7 and Google Android, the company is also working on a separate Linux-based tablet currently dubbed as the Eee Tablet. The tablet made an appearance at Computex back in June, a completely different device from Asus' line of Eee Pads and originally slated for a September release. But with the projected release date come and gone, the company is currently still trying to decide on a proper name--Digital Note and Eee Note are reportedly potential choices. As seen back in June, the tablet will focus on note-taking, eBook reading and Internet browsing, sporting an 8-inch 1024 x 768 pixel grayscale touchscreen display (which doesn't use a backlight). ..."