Monday, November 29, 2010

The Sony Reader is Doomed

The Digital Reader: "For 3 years now, Sony have consistently been a step behind everyone else. In 2008, they released the PRS-700, an e-reader that still causes people to wince at the sight of the touchscreen (no Wifi). In 2009 they released the PRS-300 and PRS- 600 (still no Wifi) and then followed it up with the PRS-900 in January (3G but still no Wifi). I think the PRS-900 marked the beginning of the end for Sony. B&N shipped the Nook in November, and in terms of innovation that shifted Sony from 2nd place to 3rd place in the US market. And in 2010 it has only gotten worse. Pocketbook released the Wifi equipped PB-302 e-reader in February, It wasn’t a great e-reader, but it still did something no Sony Reader could do.And then the Kobo Wifi got Sony kicked out of Wal-mart (5th place now). ..."