Sunday, November 21, 2010

Interesting (Albeit Sexist) "Take" on eReader Demographics, Although These Specific to Europe

Seer Press: "Finance chief for Lagardère, which owns book publisher Hachette Livre, said young wealthy men, mainly investment bankers, support the ebook market, while 50 something woman with average income account for a substantial amount of paperback book customers. Dominique D’Hinnin’s comments follow conclusion of a deal between Hachette and Google which will let the search engine giant scan and sell its out of print books online. D’Hinnin spoke about the ebook market at the Morgan Stanley TMT conference in Barcelona, explaining, 'We don’t talk about the mass market yet. Most e-book buyers are males, 35 years old, with a lot of money. Basically, it’s investment bankers'. He said advertizing rates for magazine applications are also increasing because of purchases by well-to-do iPad owners. E-book prices are about 20% lower than prices for new hard back books, and profits are better because there are no marketing or distributing costs."