Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kindle's Secret Sibling: Amazon's Android Tablet

Jason Perlow, ZDNet: "Amazon is building its own App Store, but for what device? We think we have a good idea — a secret Android Tablet. Yesterday, in my piece about the lack of successful Android-based competitors to the iPod Touch, I touched a little bit upon what companies actually had the potential to launch an actual iPod Touch competitor that might actually resonate with consumers. One of the ones I mentioned was Amazon, which as we all know is kicking ass and taking names in the ebook and e-reader market. Amazon has all the value-added services that would be necessary in order to launch a mass-market Android device — be it a media player like the iPod Touch, a 7-inch slate like the Samsung Galaxy Tab, or even a full-sized 10-inch tablet like the iPad."