Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nook Color Debuts - Early Reviews are Mixed

DailyTech delivers a good rundown on all the late-breaking Nook Color reviews. " ... problems ... abound. The music player is reportedly hard to use and doesn't automatically recognize newly added songs until you reset. The web browser doesn't support pinch-zoom and breaks on many sites (including those that use Flash). Supported audio and video formats are limited. The device can play movies on YouTube -- but only at the lowest resolution. Reviewers praised the inclusion of an Microsoft Office-document viewer (.ppt, .doc), which was a bit slow but got the job done. They also said the PDF reader was superb. Despite being an Android tablet, the Nook Color does not support the Android Market. Reviewers were baffled by this. Engadget recalls playing Angry Birds seamlessly on a demo unit. Clearly this would have multiplied the value of the tablet greatly, but perhaps Barnes & Noble was afraid of muddling a cohesive e-book reader experience. Whatever the justification, the reviews agree that the lack of apps greatly hurt the device."