Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How E Ink’s Triton Color Displays Work

Gadget Lab | "E Ink’s new Triton line give the company’s displays a long-desired new feature: color. Most of the E Ink team is in Japan this week, demonstrating their new screens in Hanvon’s new e-reader. I spoke by phone with E Ink’s Lawrence Schwartz, who broke down the technology behind the new screens, Triton’s importance for his company, and where their displays fit into the broader ecosystem of readable screens. 'All of our screens have been building towards this,' Schwartz said. 'The contrast and brightness we were able to add to the Pearl’s black-and-white screens, paired with a color filter — that’s what lets us bring color to the display.' Schwartz emphasized that the company’s primary focus is still developing low-power, high-contrast surfaces for reading. 'What’s unique about color in reading,' he added, 'is that while most textual content is still in monochrome, we can introduce color into cover art, children’s books, newspapers, and textbooks — places still in the reading field where color is at a premium.'"