Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Publishers Weekly Now on the Nook

'PW' has initiated a Nook edition, although you can still, at least for the moment, read the entire magazine free on the Web. "As part of Publishers Weekly's commitment to make its content available as widely as possible, the complete edition of PW can now be read on the Nook and is available for sale through Nooknewstand, Barnes & Noble.com’s e-magazine store. The digital edition of PW will automatically migrate to the Nookcolor device when that tablet e-reader launches later this month. 'As more people use digital devices to read, we believe it’s key to our growth to partner with industry leaders such as Barnes & Noble and the Nook,' said PW publisher Cevin Bryerman. 'We’re excited to be part of the Nook family of publications.'
Deals to put PW on other digital readers are in the works."