Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ballmer Promises Slates with Windows by Christmas

Well, Stev-i-o, time is getting short.WSJ: "Tablet computers running Windows will be unveiled before the end of the year, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said Tuesday. But Mr. Ballmer didn’t provide more details on the software giant’s slow response to Apple’s iPad. ... Microsoft has faced criticism for its performance in the mobile market. Its Kin smartphones were pulled off the market after less than two months, and there is concern that it hasn’t had a response to Apple’s iPad, which poses an additional threat because it could eat into PC sales. Earlier this week, Goldman Sachs analysts downgraded Microsoft’s stock to neutral, in part because of the 'threat of notebook cannibalization from tablets, where Windows does not yet have a presence. Mr. Ballmer in July said Microsoft has 'got to make things happen' with Windows on tablet devices and that the company was 'in the process of doing that right now.'"