Tuesday, October 19, 2010

HTML Giant Launches Literary Magazine Club

Jacket Copy | Los Angeles Times: "HTML Giant is a literary website that has become an exciting place for aspiring writers with an edge to convene, conspire and commiserate. Today it announced the launch of its own kind of online book club. Like most book clubs, the Literary Magazine Club asks its members to read and discuss a single work together. As the name says, however, instead of reading a book, the club will be reading a literary magazine. The first will be an issue of New York Tyrant. 'Publishing may be dying, but there are countless writers and editors who have not been notified of this untimely end coming to pass,' writes Roxanne Gay in her introduction to the LMC. 'The plethora of literary magazines actively contributing to the literary conversation are ample evidence, for me, that we have not lost the battle to other forms of entertainment. We’re very much in the fight.'"