Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Barnes & Noble Puts Color on its Nook

The elephant in B&N's room is actually a monkey: the monkey on its back - all those brick and mortar locations and their related expenses, not to mention an evaporating college book business. And a Color Nook won't save the day.
Barnes & Noble on Tuesday introduced a new color version of its digital e-reader called the Nook Color, which comes with a new Google Android operating system.

In a company news release, Barnes & Noble said the new Nook Color is 1/2 inch thick and weighs less than a pound. The device also comes with 8 gigabytes of built-in internal memory and comes with a micro SD card slot which will allow users to upgrade the devices memory. The battery will last 8 hours, the company says.

The Color Nook will compete more directly against Apple iPad, which has a larger color screen. Amazon’s Kindle, the leader in e-readers, and Sony’s Reader do not have color screens.

Demonstration units of the Nook Color showed a crisp LCD screen and a simple design. It seemed zippy and responsive to the touch. The original Nook, which used a black and white screen technology from E Ink, received a number of negative reviews for its slow and confusing interface.

... It will also offer a number of new experiences including Nook Kids, which will offer children’s books that integrate touch and interactivity directly into a book.

A new feature called Nook Friends will make it simple for readers to share content, including book passages and notes with friends using social networks including Facebook and Twitter. ...