Friday, October 22, 2010

Pssst ... Nook 2 Details "Book retail chain Barnes and Noble has called for journalists to appear on Tuesday to cover an exciting new announcement that it looks likely will prove to be the Nook 2 e-reader… and according to sources speaking with CNet, the Nook 2 might be something worth getting excited about. Like the original , the new product will be an Android-based e-reader, but unlike the original Nook, it’ll be in full color. Christened the Nook Color, the new device will be a 7-inch device with a color touchscreen display and powered by Google’s Android operating system. It doesn’t seem to be a tablet, though. For one, the price is much too low at just $249; for another, the unnamed source claims that the Nook Color won’t have nearly the same functionality as, say, Apple’s iPad or Samsung’s Galaxy Tab." About $100 more than the Wifi Kindle - so I don't think Amazon has to worry this Christmas.