Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ray Ozzie's "Doomsday" Memo re: Microsoft and "The Cloud"

Ozzie is spot-on. But then, that is what he does. Computerworld: "Departing Microsoft executive Ray Ozzie's just-published memo is a 'doomsday-ish' missive that calls on the company to push further into the cloud or perish, an industry analyst said today. Ozzie, who replaced Bill Gates as Microsoft's chief software architect in 2006, is leaving the company, although Microsoft has not disclosed the date of his departure. His 'Dawn of a New Day' memorandum ... is an attempt to focus Microsoft's attention on the day when PCs no longer rule consumer or business computing, said Wes Miller, an analyst with Directions on Microsoft, the Kirkland, Wash. research firm that specializes in tracking Microsoft."