Friday, October 15, 2010

Borders' BookBrewer Sounds Singularly Unappealing to this Publisher

The economics of Borders' new digital self-publishing program sound singularly unappealing as opposed to programs offered by Amazon and even B&N, especially given Borders' microscopic footprint in the digital marketplace. eBookNewser: "BookBrewer is powering the technology and the platform will be co-branded with its name. Using the service, authors can publish and sell eBooks through the Borders eBook store, as well as other partner eBook retailers. The service will be available at beginning Oct. 25. ... There are two tiers of pricing for those looking to get published –$89.99 and $199.99. Under the basic package, BookBrewer will assign the book an ISBN and make it available to major eBook stores at a price set by the writer. Royalties will be based on sales and will vary with each retailer. The higher priced package comes with a full version of the ePub file, that authors can share with friends, family and press and submit to other eBook stores."